Upcoming Events and Activities at Sheffield United Church

January ? @ 7pm - Spiritual Exploration Group -  A gathering for people interested in exploring and discussing different elements of spirituality. There will be music, meditation, discussion of various ideas, and fellowship.

Tuesday 13 February 5:30-7:30pm. Pancake Supper

? March 5:30-7:30pm. Irish Supper

Recurring Events

Silence and Stillness - Monday evenings from 8-9
Do you ever find yourself craving some peace and quiet, but can't find a place that is silent and still?
Sheffield United Church offers a time of silence and stillness in the sanctuary. Come in and sit down to silently pray, meditate, contemplate, or connect with God, and leave behind the hectic noise of the modern world.
All are welcome to partake.

Contemplative Prayer/Bible Study Lectio Divina Style.
Wednesdays  at 9:30am. In a small group setting,we spend half an hour listening, reflecting on and discussing scripture, a poem, a song or artwork to deepen our connection to God and learn more about our faith. Often we  reflect on and discuss the scripture of the week. We also pray. Join us. Coffee and conversation to follow. Come when you can, you don’t need to sign up.

Lots of Tots  Sheffield & Area Playgroup. Coffee, tea & chat for caregivers; playtime, friends and fun for preschool children.  Please bring a food bank donation and your own snack.  Everyone welcome!
Note: This program is temporarily on hold. Please contact us for more details.

Tuesdays @ 9am. Exercise Club. This activity will be held in the church basement at Sheffield. All are welcome to attend!

Games Day
the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 1:30pm. 

Upcoming Meetings at Sheffield United Church

Wednesday 10 January @ 10:30am Bazaar, Luncheons, AGM Meal Planning Meeting

Sunday 28 January - Annual Meeting

20 March 7pm - Sheffield Board Meeting

Sheffield - Rockton Events

Sunday 8 April - Serve a Meal at Wesley

Rockton Events

Stitch 'n Chat - Wednesdays [starting Oct 4] 9:30am - 11:30am. Bring any project you are working on & join us for the fun & fellowship.  We also help, encourage & teach each other tips & tricks!  For more info please call Jutta @ 519-647-2769.

Area Church Events

Community Events

Helping Out - For current charity projects, click here or the "Charity" link on the side menu.



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