Neighbourhood Care Groups

Sheffield United Church is working to expand the network of care that already exists in our congregation and community.

The congregation has been formed into smaller groups based on the neighbourhoods we live in. Members of each neighbourhood group watch out for one another, providing care when needed. They also engage with the non-church going people in their neighbourhoods in a variety of caring ways, where possible.

In doing so, we hope to follow more closely the path and directives of Jesus Christ - to love our neighbours, visit the sick, comfort mourners, etc.

The Neighbourhood Groups

  • Sheffield Village
  • Branchton
  • North Dumfries (west of Sheffield)
  • Scott's Corners/Clyde (north of Sheffield)
  • Romulus (east of Sheffield)
  • Pleasant Grove (south of Sheffield)
  • Cambridge (As it is obviously impractical for the Cambridge group to care for everyone in that city, they instead look out for folks in Cambridge retirement homes)

Please visit this web address to see a map of the neighbourhoods:

Responsibilities of Each Group
1-Watching out for the fellow members of your neighbourhood group and providing visitation, assistance, etc. as needed. 
2-Engaging with everybody else in your neighbourhood (non-church folks) by assisting them when possible, and by sending cards to welcome newcomers to the community, cards for the sick or bereaved (and visiting them where appropriate), cards for newborns and newlyweds, and perhaps some cards for religious holidays if and when the group feels able to handle it.

All Are Welcome
The neighbourhood care groups are completely open to new members - church or non-church people. Anyone who wishes to participate is welcome. If you are interested, please contact us, and you will be put in touch with a group leader for your area.



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