Upcoming Events and Activities at Sheffield United Church

United Cafe:
July 26 & August 30

Recurring Events

Exercise Class. Tuesdays @ 9-10am. This activity for ages 50+ will be held in the church basement at Sheffield. All are welcome to attend!

Bible Study (Lectio Divina style). Thursdays, 9:30-10:00 am.
In a small group setting,we spend 30-60 minutes listening, reflecting on, and discussing the week's scripture to deepen our connection to God, and find wisdom and meaning for today. We also pray for one another.
Come when you can; you dont need to sign up. All are welcome.

Silence and Stillness - Thursday evenings from 8-8:30
Sheffield United Church offers a time of silence and stillness in the sanctuary. Come in and sit down to silently pray, meditate, contemplate, or connect with God, and leave behind the hectic noise of the modern world.
All are welcome.

Christian Mysticism Group - Thursday evenings from 8:30-9:30
A gathering for those interested in exploring Christian mysticism or already following the path to oneness with God.

Upcoming Meetings at Sheffield United Church

7 Sept. 2023 - Board Meeting @ 7pm

Sheffield - Rockton Events

? Fall 2023 - Joint Board Meeting @ Rockton @ 7pm

Rockton Events

Stitch n Chat Wednesday mornings (9:30am 11:30am) We will be continuing through the summer, so, please come out and join us, we welcome everyone, even if it is only for the socialization aspect! 

Area Church Events

Community Events

Helping Out - For current charity projects, click here or the "Helping Others" link on the side menu.



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