Church Services

Due to the Coronavirus situation, church services have been postponed, but a new message from our minister will be available on YouTube each Sunday morning:

Under normal circumstances (without the Coronavirus), our Sunday morning service
broadcasts live at this web address:

If you go to this site before we start broadcasting, you will likely have to refresh the page when the church service actually starts. There should be a video at the top labelled "live now". Just click on that video. Higher quality recordings of the service may be posted later.

2019 Church Service Calendar

Fall services:  Sheffield - 9:30
                      Rockton – 11:00
April 5: Palm Sunday:

THURSDAY: April 9th: Maundy Thursday, Event @ Sheffield, Passover Light Potluck

FRIDAY April 10th: Good Friday Service @ Rockton (no food) @ 10am.

April 12: Easter Sunday, Communion, (Easter potluck brunch before service)



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