Our Officials

The Congregation
Chairperson:                     Murray Hunt
Secretary:                         Dave Hall
Nominating Committee:     Bill Hughes, Emily Pullin
Auditors:                           David Kemkes, Marty Pullin
Accessibility Officer:          Jean Tucker

The Board
Chairperson:                     David Foreman
Secretary:                         Dave Hall
Treasurer:                         Marilyn Morgan
Presbytery Rep.:               Dave Hall
W & E Rep.:                    Eleanor Wood
M & O Rep.:                    Marty Pullin              
M & P Rep.:
Trustees Rep:                    George Tucker
Finance Rep:


Worship and Education: Liz Hall, Marjorie Smith, Jean Tucker, Eleanor Wood. 
    Head Greeter/Usher/Card Ministry – Lucille Kemkes

Mission and Outreach: Helen Dunnill, Susan MacKay, Marty Pullin, Marjorie Smith

Property and Trustees: Ray Hunter, Don Knight, Helen Paddock, George Tucker, Harvey Wood, Rob Grundy.
    Manse subgroup – Dave Foreman, Rob Grundy, Elizabeth Hall, Barry MacKay

Finance and Stewardship: Dave Hall, Bill Hughes, Ron Knight, Pat Kuhr, Barry Mackay, Marilyn Morgan, Jim Pate
Memorial Fund subgroup – Lorna Ellis, Mary MacDonald, Eleanor Wood

Ministry and Personnel: Marg Doerfling, Karen Hunt, Lynn Palmer

Minister: Rev. Louise Hart
Organist/Choir Director: Emily Pullin
Assistant Organist: Sharon Richer
Custodian: Elizabeth Hall
Secretary/Treasurer: Jutta Patton


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